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HypaGuard Face Shield (Pack of 10)
  • Resuscitation face shield with the mouthpiece
  • Best-selling face shield
  • A plastic one-way valve reduces the risk of cross-infection
  • Oval shape allows the valve to fit the shape of the mouth perfectly
  • Resuscitation protocols and pictorial instructions for use included on packaging


Pack Size: PACK OF 10


This budget-priced face shield has a one-way valve system to ensure that no contact is made with the casualty's face or fluids. This is a best-selling face shield offering protection to both rescuer and victim, it helps overcome hesitation to start resuscitation. Ideal for inclusion with corporate CPR training courses, and as an additional supply in first aid kits. The product includes clear pictured instructions for use on the packaging, allowing it to be used by those who are not first aid trained too. The HypaGuard Face Shield is single-use to help prevent cross-contamination.

HypaGuard Face Shield (Pack of 10)

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