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Working at Height

Level 2

Climbing a Ladder

Working at Height (Level 2)


3-year nationally recognised certificate


2 hours of video-based learning and assessment

Laptop, PC, Smartphone or tablet

Video access for 8 months

CPD time credit conformation

Videos include subtitles

Includes manual & other downloads

Working at Height level 2

This course is designed to ensure the safety of anyone involved in procedures carried out at a height. Training includes working with harnessing systems and ladders.

Meets HSE guidelines ensuring compliance under working at height regulations.

Course topics:

  • The dangers of working at heights

  • Safety equipment

  • Emergency equipment

  • Safety protocols 

  • Ladders

  • Steps

  • Using harnessing systems

  • Working at height

  • Tools

In addition to the IPS Safety Training certificate (quality assured by Pro-training) learners receive a CPD statement. 

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