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Mental Health First Aid In The Workplace

(recommended for Team leaders and Supervisors)

Level 3 VTQ
Two-day course (12-hours)

The Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course provides you with an understanding of common mental health issues, awareness of the signs and symptoms of mental health disorders and the skills with which to support someone with a mental health disorder.

We can come to you in your own workplace, to train your team or you can attend a course at your nearest training centre.

Our MHFA courses independently quality assured; delivered by experienced instructors with the most up-to-date, engaging methods of learning, designed to give you confidence.


£160 per learner at your location

£180 per learner at our training centre


Discounts automatically apply for multiple bookings

Further discounts available when we come to you to train your team

Poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion each year. That's the equivalent of more than £1,500 per employee in the UK. Research in 2020 uncovered that for every £1 spent on supporting people's mental health, employers get approximately £5 back on their investment in reduced presenteeism, absenteeism and staff turnover (Deloitte 2020).

​What does this course cover?

  • Understanding mental health and mental illness

  • Providing support to someone indicating poor mental health

  • Recognising the range of mental health conditions

  • Mental Health First Aid action planning and it's implementation

  • The consequences of substance abuse on mental health

  • How to promote and champion a positive mental health culture

  • The support available from healthcare providers for mental health disorders

Who needs this qualification?

Anyone in a supervisory or team leading capacity who wants a greater understanding of common mental health issues, and how to support appropriately.

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Questions about this course?

Thanks for asking! We'll be in touch shortly.

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